How to 3d PRint with network command 918


3D Printing Service Cost

To use the 3-D printer we charge $0.10 per gram + $1.25 per hour of print time.

Step 1: Find a 3D Object you would like to print

 You can try to find premade 3-D objects or go to www.tinkercad.comto make a model of your own. There are also many different types of 3-D modeling software available online you can check out as well. 

Step 2: Send us your 3D Object

 After finding and or making your 3-D object you can download the object and send us the file by email salesteam@networkcommand918.comor bring it by on a flash drive or SD card at our office location at 401 W Broadway St, Muskogee, OK, 74403. We are located inside ShadowWood Mall on the bottom floor.  

Step 3: Getting the Specifics for your Object

When we get your email or you stop by to see us we can then decide what size and color you would like the object to be. We have a large variety of PLA filament colors including blue, army green, orange, black, grey, and even rainbow!

Step 4: Finalizing your Print

After you have decided on what color and size you would you like your print we will give you a time frame in which your print will be completed and ready for pick up.